Sunday, 19 October 2014

ANIL MADE IT POSSIBLE…! by Artist Sivaji

Time, sometimes forgets to inspire us, the readers; especially when you are very selective in choosing books as a night cap. That is how most of us have missed the best of Soviet, Russian Literature in Telugu now a days. Especially our children have lost the wonder of those soviet books with art of illustrations, paintings etc. In fact these books gave us the taste of those times when we used to hear the horn of the van that brought these beautiful books to our little streets in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.
            Now Anil is the pointer, the man with full of madness to collect age old books that are hidden in those remote book stalls, pavements, and with good old friends. His aim is to bring those good books of literature and art once again to all of us. For this Anil went far beyond his job work relaxation and left nothing unturned in finding these rarest of rare books published by ‘Raduga’ , ’Progress’ etc. of Soviet Russia. You can still find him anywhere in twin cities looking for a forgotten book. Scanning, Xeroxing, finding those book, fallen pages of dumped books isn’t an easy job. His user friendly way did the miracle of matching the internet to get the best of his efforts to our nearest reach.
            Anil has great love for children literature. He loves art, especially illustrations in color. However he doesn’t paint or write, but the passion made him to work a lot in selecting those attractive books and see that we get them easily with a click on the net. Till now he has collected around seven hundred soviet books. He also created a Blog dedicated to Soviet Telugu books printed in USSR. His Blog link : . He is almost an artist with an eye that looks for great old paintings & illustration of those soviet publications. His eyes, i believe are store houses of great collection of Gorkey, Dostoevsky, Pushkin etc. His madness made it possible to take us back to those pages of wonder and great reading.
            We should protect the tribe like Anil & his street mission; so let us help him to get helped regarding great Classics that we can never ever forget. His mail id :                                                                                                             

-         Sivaji (Artist)

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